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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2021 Written Update-


The episode starts with Kartik urging Sirat to talk to Ranveer and knows his side truth. Sirat refuses to meet Ranveer. Kartik tries to provoke Sirat. He asks her to withdraw from the boxing. He says that now her mind is out of control so she can’t do boxing. She may get injured while hitting the opponent.

The scene begins with Kartik asking Sirat to converse with Ranveer and knows his side truth. Sirat will not meet Ranveer. Kartik attempts to incite Sirat. He requests that she pull out from the boxing. He says that now her brain is crazy so she can’t do boxing. She may get harmed while hitting the rival.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
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Sirat says that she got enough wounds and now it’s the ideal opportunity for giving the counter punch. Kartik says for that she needs to meet him. Sirat says that she just needs to zero in on her battle and her life. Her life truth is the wedding band, Kartik, Kairav and her fantasy metal, all the other things is only clearly false. Sirat says thanks to Kartik for getting satisfaction in her life and says that she would not like to lose it nor gets occupied.

Sirat clarified that she doesn’t adore Ranveer any longer

Kartik discloses to Manish that there’s no any reason to blow up with Sirat. He requests that Manish see how hard it will be for Sirat to manage her past. He further says that Sirat will choose what she needs to do and requests that nobody meddle in her choice nor question her.

Kartik leaves. Swarna says that Sirat clarified that she doesn’t adore Ranveer any longer than why they’re overthinking. Rhea says that Sirat can’t leave Kartik on the grounds that Ranveer can’t bear the cost of the solace and the help that Kartik can give Sirat.

Kairav calls Kartik for family photograph. Kartik discloses to Kairav that Sirat needs some time, at that point they will click photographs and sends Kairav. Kartik says that Sirat needs to meet Ranveer for herself and choose whether she needs to proceed onward or not. Sirat is punching the bag and reviews Kartik’s words.

ye rishta kya kehlata hai
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Nani comes hurrying to Kartik and says Sirat is missing-

Karthik is reviewing Ranveer gabbing, at that point specialist’s words and Sirat declining to meet Ranveer. Nani comes hurrying to Kartik and says Sirat is missing. Kartik family wonder where she could go. Manish says that she may have gotten back to the emergency clinic and says that they can’t address Sirat as Kartik wouldn’t ask anything to Sirat.

Sirat goes to the clinic and learns from a specialist that Ranveer got released. Sirat says it’s Ranveer’s propensity to flee and kicks the entryway out of frustration. Later Kartik goes to the clinic. He says that it’s acceptable Sirat come to meet Ranveer, she has to know why Ranveer didn’t go to the temple.

Kartik gains from the specialist that Ranveer got released and left with his companion. Kartik inquires as to whether Sirat has come. Specialist says that Ranveer got released before Sirat’s appearance. Kartik ponders where Sirat has gone at that point.

Kartik prepares to leave, yet he finds a young lady, who presents herself as Nidhi, Ranveer’s sister. She says that she has come running after knowing about Ranveer’s accident. She needs to inform the specialist concerning the shot sections in his body, yet Ranveer left the clinic. Kartik examines Nidhi concerning those slug parts.

Opposite side, Ranveer is seen driving the bicycle quick. He will meet Sirat. Chandu gets frightened and attempts to persuade Ranveer not meet Sirat as she got ready for marriage. Ranveer’s bicycle separates.

Chandu says that even God doesn’t want them to meet. Ranveer gets into van and leaves. Nidhi tells that Ranveer loves a young girl named, Sirat, however their family was against their adoration, as Sirat isn’t rise like them. Ranveer chose to wed Sirat in the temple, however their father some way or another became more acquainted with about it and took steps to shoot Sirat.

Ranveer didn’t tune in to their father and went to the temple. At that point what happened just Ranveer and his companion Chandu know. Kartik inquires as to whether she didn’t attempt to discover what occurred.

Ranveer arrives at the lodging where Sirat and Kartik commitment occurred. He reviews Sirat promising him not to wed any other person on the off chance that they can’t be together. Ranveer says that Sirat can’t be somebody else’s. There in the emergency clinic Kartik discloses to Nidhi he resembles his sibling and requests to come clean with him. A FB shows.Sirat and Nani is sitting tight in the temple for Ranveer.

Ranveer sees a shooter focusing on Sirat

Ranveer accompanies Chandu. Ranveer sees a shooter focusing on Sirat. Ranveer calls out Sirat, however Sirat can’t hear him because of the noise. Ranveer sees the man shooting Sirat and separates the shot and Sirat. He brings the projectile and tumbles down. Nidhi says that Ranveer loves Sirat without question so he took a chance with his life for Sirat.

The scene closes.

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